Mailing List

The primary day-to-day method of communication with the LUG is done via a mailing list. It is the centre of NairobiLUG activity.

What Is It?

A mailing list is a service that sends e-mail out to everyone else who is subscribed. To ask a question, or help answer one, you simply send your e-mail to a special e-mail address. Your e-mail is then sent out to all the mailing list subscribers. Other members can then reply to the original e-mail by sending their reply to the same mailing list e-mail address. That reply is then also sent out to all the subscribers. A conversation-like dialog develops, and every member can learn from, or contribute to, the discussion.

If you're confused by that description, then try the list out for a week or so and you'll soon pick it up!


You must sign up before you can post to the list. You can send an email to nairobi-gnu+subscribe [@], or use this link.

If you are having issues subscribing to the mailing list please let us know via our contact page.

We do our utmost to obscure your email address from falling into the hands of spammers. The archives obfuscate email addresses by removing all domain names.


You can also view an archive of old emails. As you can see, this list is publicly viewable.