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Meetup Summary (October, 2015)

Today's meetup was a collabo between the Nairobi LUG and Tunapanda, and it might go down in history as the most successful meeting of the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group ever. Our organizations are incredibly compatible and I'm not sure why we don't do this more often! The LUG and Tunapanda are both forces for openness and community in Kenya. Note to self: suggest this style of meetup more often.


Tunapanda is a community-based organization teaching digital technology in Nairobi's Kibera estate. A few weeks ago they floated the idea of holding our next meetup at their institute and I'm grateful they did. We saw their Linux-based thin client setup, where people were working with GIMP and Blender when we walked in, and had some great conversations with students, teachers, and even the people selling beans and chapati around the corner!

Other Goings Ons

As always there were many other goings ons. Sometimes we talk about free, libre, open-source software, but other times we talk about life, the universe, and everything!

  • Reducing render times in Blender by using smaller frame sizes
  • Quite a bit of discussion about DNA sequencing, genome assembly, and the role of Linux-based systems to life sciences
  • 3D printing TSA master keys, and how GitHub can now display 3D models in WebGL
  • Introducing more people to IRC, for example the #nairobilug channel on Freenode
  • Side projects of the LUG, like the semi-defunct book club
  • The fairly awesome quad-core ARMv7 virtual private servers from Scaleway

A sizeable contingent of the Nairobi LUG made the pilgrimage and we were received by an equally numerous Tunapanda, making the meeting at least thirty people strong!

Thanks and Welcome

I want to thank ALL the people who came to the meetup. The next meeting will be November 7, 2015.