Meetup Summary (May, 2015)

Just like most months, we had the monthly meetup at KFC Kimathi on the first Saturday (2nd May). Eight people showed up.

Topics Discussed

A lot was discussed. Opera Mini, and whether the Nairobi LUG blog should be accessible using this browser, Search Engine Optimization, learning Rust.. I'm not going to pretend I remember everything that was discussed, partly because I'm writing this one week later.

GPL Violation

One topic that was discussed that I feel like I need to highlight is the GPL and how some Kenyan companies are violating it. BRCK, for instance, runs a fork of OpenWRT yet NONE of its code is open (at least the forked OpenWRT code should be). OpenWRT is a GNU Linux distribution that comprises of at least two high profile projects (the Linux kernel and BusyBox) that are licensed under the GPL. All projects that are derivatives of OpenWRT therefore are technically licensed under the GPL. I reached out to the BRCK team but I still haven't gotten a response from them. It's time 'they' know we are not fine with them violating the GPL!