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Meetup Summary (February, 2015)

Twenty people showed up, and as always some people were late, others were not. A few new people (ahem, Frank!), and others not as new whom I had not seen for a while. Big special shoutout to Maureiq, the only female member in the meetup.

As it Happened, Insider Info

  • There was talk that everyone should try to watch the movie Citizenfour -- an eye opening documentary on privacy, surveillance and obviously the bigger picture.
  • Jason talked of making an open source platform -- ma3map client and server -- for doing route interconnection and using machine learning to decide how to effectively recommend which matatus to take (and in which order).
  • Alan mentioned that the reason that Mozilla Firefox (or any other browser) has been so slow in the last few years is likely due to everyone using the AdBlock Plus add-on, and suggested people switch to ┬ÁBlock. ┬ÁBlock uses up to two or three times less RAM than AdBlock Plus on both Firefox and Chrome.
  • Lots of other questions, laughs and more.

This is my first time posting so if I may have ommitted anything important, feel free to alter my post and then make a pull request. Big thanks to all the people who taught me Markdown... without which this post wouldn't have been possible.

Next Time

See you all on March 7th. Meetups are usually on the first Saturday of every month at KFC, Kimathi street at 16:30. Bring a friend!