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Meetup Summary (January, 2015)

First off the meetup couldn't be held on the usual first Saturday of the month (4-Jan-2015) but was held on the second Satruday (11-Jan-2015) because by Kenyan culture people just aren't around Nairobi until at least the first Monday after first January. This pushing forward of the meetup was discussed in the mailing list and it was agreed.

The meetup was awesome. I had missed quite a number of them and so I met a lot of new faces. Almost everyone was new so I count for that as growth.


  • XMPP: We had agreed in the mailing list that we would talk about running an XMPP server for secure communication among members. Sadly this matter wasn't discussed as much as I hope it would have been. What I got is that everyone thought it was a good thing, just that we didn't agree on a when and where the hosting would be done and the source of funding.
  • Monetizing apps in Kenya. How to make something people want to pay for and get them to pay for it. People want to see some sort of proof of concept first they don't just buy in.
  • poppingtonic and I talked about SICP and some CS stuff, fun conversation.
  • There was a lot of catching up being friends and such things.