Meetup Summary (August, 2014)

12 guys showed up, most well after 4PM. Congrats to Muya for being the only one to make it on time. The meetup was just as exciting, at least for me, as most of previous meetups.


  • There was a suggestion that the LUG should build a portable 'blood-glucose measuring device that plugs into a phone's audio jack' (I'm sure there's a shorter name for that) as a collaborative project, given the talent in the LUG.
  • There was some discussion on WebRTC and its apparent bright future. Somebody even created a group for the LUG on talky. No nudity please ;).
  • No females were present in the meetup. We seriously need to get nerdy girls to come to the meetups. ~~I think~~ I'm certain there are cool girls out there... somewhere.

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Pictures from Google+

Picture courtesy of Mungai


September Meetup

The Nairobi LUG meets every first Saturday of the month. The next meetup will therefore be on the 7th of September. Can't wait :)