Hacking on the Eudyptula Challenge

Last weekend a few of us met up at a coffee shop in Nairobi to hack on the Eudyptula Challenge. From their website, the Eudyptula Challenge is:

... a series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel, that start from a very basic “Hello world” kernel module, moving on up in complexity to getting patches accepted into the main Linux kernel source tree.

With Coffee, Anything Is Possible!

Kaldis Coffee House in downtown Nairobi has free Wi-Fi, coffee, decent food, and it’s not too busy on Saturday mornings, so we got a nice table in the corner and dove in.

Hacking on Eudyptula at Kaldis

While none of us are new to GNU/Linux or development, it still took us several hours to set up our build environments, text editors, email clients, and to read up on the Linux kernel’s build system and programming conventions. We learned a lot, and had a good time doing it!

Little Penguins

BTW, Eudyptula is the scientific classification for a genus of penguins containing two species; the little blue penguin and the white-flippered penguin. The more you know.™ ;)

This was originally posted on on my personal blog; re-posted here for posterity.