Meetup Summary (March, 2014)

11 or 12 people showed up, including two first-time members (hi, Ken and friend!). Off the top of my head, the topics discussed included:

Serious Stuff

  • Using GPG Public Keys for signing and encrypting emails (standards, terminology, motivation, etc)
    • Several members have, in the last weeks, set up and exchanged keys
  • Scheduling a key-signing party where attendees bring their photo IDs and GPG public key IDs so people can verify that their real identity matches their GPG identity on the GPG Public Key Infrastructure and then "sign" eachother's keys
    • Could be Saturday, March 8th?
    • Need to make a push to educate people (via blog post?) so they are prepared for the party (don't come with laptops or expecting to create/publish keys!)
  • Scheduling a second, more formal LUG meetup every month; perhaps seminars or "lightning" talks
    • The idea would be to give people a forum to share technical things they're doing, and let people practice public speaking skills etc
    • Venue should be somewhere in tao to make it easy for people to be on time, possibly University of Nairobi library (with KENET connections?)
    • Perhaps could be the 3rd Saturday of the month

Not-so-Serious Stuff

  • Progress of the current Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group book club book, Stephen King's The Stand. sticky and sentinelprime are ~50% through, but emk and raywan haven't started
  • emk's gangsta beard will rival that of Rick Ross soon
  • Proper pronunciation of "Linux" (Linus says "Lih-nux")


  • Proper pronunciation of "doge"

Proof that it happened:

Group shot

See you for the next meeting (April 5th, 2014!)