Meetup Summary (February, 2014)

16 guys showed up (staggered). I had a friend attend for the first time and he liked it.

3D Printer

Well great news guys have decided to build a 3D printer. Updates on that will be blogged about sooner than later I hope. I for one are very excited that we're doing such.

emk Breaks opSec

So he decided to show up after hiding for a very very long while. He wanted it noted that he refrained from kicking zipper's teeth in.

He has a gangsta beard which was totally unexpected.


  • There was talk of getting devices into the country as a group with eebrah fascilitating that. This was very exciting since it would bring prices down for most things.
  • r0ckwilda{-_-} shared some interesting things he is doing with blender. I can't wait to see how that goes.
  • Sadly this time I didn't get a chance to hear Karibe talk about Physics and electronics. I always look forward to those that's for sure. You can't beat having a physicist around.
  • Oh plus everyone is talking about a book called the stand. It's really big and that just makes everyone love it haha I kid.
  • The absence of theBOFH was noted with great concern.

I noted that there wasn't much talk/argument on distros. I always like those.

Here are some cool pics from the event that was.

Group shot0

Group shot1

Guys had a great time. See you at KFC Kimathi Street on March 1st, 2014. Happy hacking!!