Meetup Summary (November, 2013)

A major highlight of the November, 2013 meetup was having fourteen people show up; this was perhaps the most successful meetup since we began in 2012... Other than that, there were lots of lively discussions of technology goings ons, releases, politics etc.

Some Topic Highlights (From Memory):

  • Fedora 20 beta (and therefore final) being delayed by one week
  • Cisco releasing a BSD-licensed H.264 implementation (as well as binaries) and footing the licensing bill for users of the binary (ie, Mozilla Firefox, who has said they will integrate this)
  • OpenBSD 5.4 release
  • The debate over Debian voting to replace SysV Init with either Upstart or systemd
  • How to best use the recently-registered @nairobilug twitter account
  • How POSIX is limiting innovation (and the creep of "Linux-isms" into POSIX)
  • RAID vs JBOD
  • telnet as a TCP/IP swiss army knife
  • Processes vs threads
  • The epic ending of last month's Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group book club book, The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The possibility of going whitewater rafting in Uganda in December (as the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group "Outdoor Explorers", a related, but unofficial affiliate of the LUG)

If I missed anything, leave it in the comments (or send a pull request ;).

Proof We Were There

Discussing all teh things...

Group shot

December Meetup

Remember, we meet the first Saturday of the month, meaning December's meetup should be December 7th. See you there!