In the Spirit of Pelican

I have to start by commending everyone involved in the Nairobi GNU/Linux Users Group (nairobilug) for their various efforts to get all of us to this point.

First off, I wish to thank Mr. Alan Orth for introducing us (or was it just me?) to Pelican, and providing the tutorial for getting it running. Also, for setting up the system so that we can all collaborate to add content to the site.

I would also like to thank the visionary fellows who had the light-bulb moment to start off the LUG. Here, I specifically target nj3ma and eebrah. You spoke of it in university, but I was too busy chasing tail and the A's :D

Then there is all the rest of you people who saw fit to join the LUG and further light the fire. I am grateful to have met all of you in person. And for those of you I have yet to meet in person, I look forward to meeting you.

And Now, a Code Block

[aorth@noma: ~]$ uname -sr
Linux 3.9.9-1-ARCH

And Now, a List

I could not resist doing this... here is a list of the nicks on irc as I type this:

  • Alfontefonte
  • highPriestLOL
  • raywan|away
  • @eebrah|away
  • Dr3amc0d3r_
  • karfes
  • varud
  • @stickyboy
  • fredmanglis
  • r0ckwilda|away

Shout out to all of you great peoples!!!